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QueenBoo's News

Posted by QueenBoo - November 24th, 2021


EDIT: thnx for 269 followers omg

m1r0art shits fards & dyes lmao



Posted by QueenBoo - November 16th, 2021


Gf x Bf doodle because I felt overwhelmed lately.

-still mid November right? See, I’m thinking…

I wanna feel that Christmas Joy sooner than you think. Came to terms that it’s my favorite holiday.

here’s to hoping things do get better & I end up sorting everything out soon enough. Just going through the motions, y’know?

friendly reminder that I do have a patreon, I post a lot of hidden doodles in there & I offer monthly rewards up.

or if you can pass me that one time caffeine, keeps me going on the daily- thank youuuu <3



Posted by QueenBoo - August 23rd, 2021


A sketch of my OC, Serena back in March. She's mainly used for venting out my feelings, so she does not have a consistent appearance.

She looks the way however I'd like depending on how I feel.

Let me tell you all a little something,

This year, I had entered previous competitions.

Despite my best of efforts... I eventually never technically won in the end. At the time of typing this, I have accepted those loses.

Although I went in these contests knowing full well I could possibly not be a winner... It did grate on me that I didn't win. It was to the point it gave me a sense of inferiority from other 'winning' artists who entered the competition. It made me cower and wonder about myself for a bit.

Questions such as "Am I not good enough?" // "Am I not worthy of being a winner?" // "Does this contest define me?"

I had to vent to my older sister about how inferior I felt to other people, I let myself slip, I let these contests make me forget my own worth.

She asks, "What about the other contestants that entered and didn't win anything...? Are they inferior too?"

Just those questions alone made me think. Of course they aren't. They're still practicing their craft, like it or not. Win or loss, they got up and did something in hopes of entertaining people.

It also reinforced my feelings about how I believe creatives are valuable in this world.

So many wonderful creations are done by one's own blood sweat and tears, for all we know, someone could've had the most horrible work day, a close one die a week ago, and not own a computer of their own- yet still manage to make the most beautiful creations. For me, artwork isn't all about being created so it can be judged, it's mostly to take in and enjoy. Of course, that's not to say you shouldn't take constructive critique so you can improve.

Improvement is key. It's a great thing to do. You're not hopeless because you can always do better next time. As long as you keep going, you will improve.

You're most definitely allowed to be distraught for your losses. You can even take what people say as motivation to get better.

I trust that you know what I mean.

Today's unnamed could be tomorrow's winner. Today's amateur could be tomorrow's professional.

However, I do know that- with time, I probably will forget my own advice and words many times throughout my career. I've come to the conclusion that experiencing that several times is normal, it just sucks having to go through it.

Adulthood is all about giving yourself consistent reminders after all. That's why I'm saying this today.

To remind myself [and possibly whoever is reading this] about our worth.

If you really think about it, your identity shouldn’t revolve around just one or a few things that won’t matter in the long run.

You’re allowed to feel sad about for the things you cannot control.

What matters in the end, is little things you do that make others appreciate you for YOU. I trust you know who you are better than anyone.

You’re loved and appreciated, even if you forget. Even if you’re feeling your worst.

Goodnight. See you on the flipside. I'll be busy, so happy creating <3



Posted by QueenBoo - July 31st, 2021



my morning was interesting- walked my dog after finding out.



Posted by QueenBoo - July 24th, 2021



Maybe it's not a big milestone for some people, but it certainly is for me!

Thank you for all the support!

I sincerely appreciate all the feedback and love given to me after all this time!

Heck, I didn't expect all my indulgence into the community to turn out so well for me! I'm so glad to have gotten back into animating.

With all the support my recent animation has gotten, I can't wait for what i'm gonna put out there in the future!



Posted by QueenBoo - May 11th, 2021


Ah college. I love it and hate it. Owe it for some people i've met and the things i've learned.

Unsurprisingly, It's a pretty stressful time for me right now, balancing assignments and mental health. But the comforts of knowing I still have a lot to accomplish are still there.

I've survived stress like this before and I can do it again.

I've been on a Tankmen and FNF fanart streak and i'm not planning on it dying out anytime soon.

Take this sketch of my Tanksona for the time being.

Hope you are all doing fine! <3



Posted by QueenBoo - May 1st, 2021



This genuinely sent me into a state of happiness.

This year honestly hasn't been the best for me at the beginning.

I seriously don't have all the words to express how thankful I am to get a reply by JEFF and be featured for the first time on NG.

Also I pet a puppy today & played with my doggo. So that totally added to my bright mood.

Thank you so much.


Posted by QueenBoo - April 22nd, 2021


It's nice to be here!