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I love Żulawski. Possession and Diabel are some of my favorite horrors. Nice lil list here, very diverse styles of horror.

Heres my reccomendations
1. Shutter (2004): A thai horror film, its about a photographer being pursued by something and his girlfriend has to discover what is it before is too late, for the both of them.
2. Noroi The Curse: Best Found footage movie from japan, its so interesting seeing the crazy bombastic japanese tv shows in a horror set up. Out of all movies from this genre, this feels the most realistic.
3. Rec: zombie movie from spain, if you are squimish of gore or tight spaces, this is just what you need to watch tonight.

I'm always down to talk about horror!! My all time favorite horror movies are The Thing (1982), Alien(1979) and weirdly enough, Evil Dead (2013). I DO love the original comedy classics, but something about the sheer fucked up onslaught of carnage and torment of Evil Dead (2013) is just something I don't see and enjoy from other movies! LOVE IT.

Man I need to see Evil Dead (2013), there’s comedic elements to it? I didn’t know that.

@QueenBoo I was more so referring to the original Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, which are very funny. In 2013, I feel like there's one character you could say is the comedic relief but I would say its probably one of the most intense and grossest movies. Super gory too. BUT I LOVE IT! Just know the Content Warnings aren't joking around for that one.

Solid reccomendations here... I hadn't heard of Possession before, definitely adding to my watchlist.

If you're looking for more recommendations I can recommend this: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1671746/

...it's a whole bundle in just the one. :P Found some gems there. If you just want to read the recommendation titles the review section has that. Personally, I think my favorite horror movie of all time is It Follows. It's unconventional, also has a somewhat sexual theme - like Possession, but most of all just builds up such a tense atmosphere. It's rare you really get goosebumps all the way through a movie, but that one worked for me. No gore... I think, just really brooding/hopeless/heavy.

If you're looking for something comedic: Shaun of the Dead! :D And there's that strange romantic one about a girl who falls in love with a zombie, forget the name...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll check it out.

Also I believe the film where the girl falls in love with a zombie is called, "Warm Bodies", I remember seeing that one.

Hope you like whichever you do end up watching!

Yeaah that's the one. :) Liked that one too. Appreciatively different.