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JC I need you to draw a pp dancing 4 exposure lul

i need the full music video cover pls

Took a break from working out to watch this & all I had was a big dumpy smile on my face. I straight up was like “YES INJECT THE SEROTONIN INTO MY VEINSSSSS”

Felt like I was watching a short film unique in of itself. Hits a little more if you know the context of these characters.

I wonder if the ending implies there is going to be more, but if there is, I’d love to see it.

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An interesting thought came to me as I was playing this, it would be so cool to see everyone's creatures into a game in of itself [although a little too ambitious of an idea]. A bunch would be enemies you have to fight, interact with, would be your allies etc. Not to mention NPCs...

Nice to see everyone's entries in here! I hope this won't be the last time I see them.

Other than the cool showcase we have here, some technical issues I've been having myself- sometimes the loading times for the showcase is a little long and additionally the game can just freeze on me suddenly. So, I'd have to refresh [this has happened more than twice]. It can be quite an inconvenience for me... Then again the game may be more tailored for windows users, i'm a mac user lol.

Update: I reached the last creature and it froze on me after I viewed the... footage. Unintentionally very fitting.

MSGhero responds:

Mac shouldn't matter, but Safari would since it doesn't support several things that games need to do. I'll keep it in mind though

This was fun! I loved your guys' take on bejeweled & candy-crush like games!
Personally what made it fun was the character designs & interactions they all had. I found it quite comedic.

For one month this is incredibly impressive. You all outta give yourselves a pat on the back. Keep up the good work.

Y'all did a fantastic job. I'm very happy y'all kept this on the downlow because this was a shocking PLEASANT surprise to wake up to. I'm proud of you all. The diverse art styles, the VA, & the writing. This was an experience that I loved.

Unfiltered version: I absolutely n*tted at this. Steve was hot and so was that post credit image. Is there going to be an MnF sequel? I wanna right-left click on those pecs.

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Just wanted to let you know, I appreciated you giving out your thoughts on the current state of the internet. Was very easy to digest even though you described it as “rambling” & “going in circles”. Made me a little emotional at the end.

It is very rough growing up in a certain period in time & eventually see things just change so drastically to where it becomes harder and harder to adapt to it.

I can agree that the whole accessible “reel”-like (tiktok-esque) content is much more… I’d say less admirable to digest than someone actually putting more blood, sweat, & tears into a video. Even I feel I can’t keep up with content like that in an algorithm that favors such quick and easy material.

I hope it isn’t a stretch for me to say this helped me understand, not just you, but those who yield more standards. I didn’t even think about that too much until you pointed it out.

Stanpai responds:

Thank you so much for listening.

Because of the speed of technological evolution, we're basically at the mercy of the powers that be unless we are on our own websites.

Previous installments of this podcast are way less serious in terms of subject matter, but I hope you'll check them out as well.

im crying this is so beautiful

ZaazNG responds:

Beauty is in the eye of the Boo-holder, or should I say, POO-holder hahahahaha

Nostalgic, kick-ass, and overall lovely! Thank you!!

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& here’s the more detailed whore


I support this dynamic

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