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Posted by QueenBoo - July 25th, 2023


Banner Featuring Our Lovely Sponsors & Prize Givers

@Bleak-Creep: $250

@Tamag0: $100

Newgrounds [Best of June Prize]: $100

@Xeno-Cowboy: $75

@Lolofyr: $40

@Peggiore: $30

@QueenBoo: $25 + Offering Half-Body Character Sketch

@CheddarExuberant: $20 + Offering Personalized Chibi .Gif

@M1roArt: $15

@Praise-Bob : $5

@MayaLaCookie: Offering Full Body Character Art

@NickSenny: Offering Personalized Messages by Mc-Kun himself!!

Well, hello hello again !!

with the release of “Love Me Newgrounds!!!”

And “Love Me Newgrounds!!! <3 j00 2”,

We were happy to have hosted the LOVE ME NEWGROUNDS!!! <3 J00 2 FANARTCONTESTEXSTREAMAGANZA(tm) !!!!

First off, we would like to thank everyone who peered in on the news post AND those who have actually joined the contest & have become excellent team players!

We were so excited to host this art contest- I speak for everyone when I say that the more we kept on getting entries, the more we kept on being excited at how many cared to make something based off our silly games.

Many of you have arguably created something that you can put in your example commission sheets & art portfolios!


But enough about the lovey mushy stuff!

Obviously what EVERYONE wants to know is WHOMST IN THE HECK WON???

Important Message for the Winners:

@CheddarExuberant, @MayaLaCookie, @NickSenny, & I will reach out to you for your prizes as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience.

[For any cash prizes, please have your PayPals ready to reply with. For any reason that you really need an alternative, it must be discussed with me @QueenBoo. I will personally start messaging winners starting 07/26-07/27.]

1st Place: $130

+ Personalized Chibi .Gif by @CheddarExuberant

+ Full Body, Colored Character Art by @MayaLaCookie

+ Personalized Message from Mc-Kun!! @NickSenny

love me newgrounds by @Pookieb00

Welcome to Newgrounds @Pookieb00! Thank you for joining this community to put your entry on, for you have done exceptional pixel work for this contest. We all admired how each chibi character was unique in their own appearance, the lighting, & how everything looked great put together.

2nd Place: $115

+ Half-Body Character Sketch by @QueenBoo

+ Personalized Message from Mc-Kun!! @NickSenny

<3 j00 2 @BonumRex

Bonum!! You have made a fantastic group piece featuring as many characters from LMNG & LMNG2 as much you could, including several background characters & NPCS. The effort is here & we all see it. I’m sure as the sun that everyone appreciated seeing characters/sonas they had developed in your illustration.

3rd Place: $105

+ Personalized Message from Mc-Kun!! @NickSenny

neon genesis lmng by @Marcekunart

Marcekunart!! We all could see each character’s individual personalities, easter eggs, & how much effort was put into making the illustration appear in a watercolor medium. Glad to hear you enjoyed drawing your entry just as much as we enjoyed imagining LMNG as an anime due to this piece!

4th Place: $90

Spread teh <3 by @AstreEtoile

AstreEtoile!! Thank you for the LMNG & LMNG2 group representation here- we all can notice the tone differences from how you drew characters that were both from the first game & the second. It looks like it's a unique comic cover from its composition.

5th Place: $75

super lmng 64 by @TomDoy

[Cue Bob-Omb Battlefield Theme] TomDoy!! Your entry was unique with how you decided to put Mc-Kun & Trash-Can in a 3D space! Not only that, it was wonderful how you made pixel work of the LMNG1 cast as well. The easter eggs were a nice touch so you can look at this work again & see what you miss!

6th Place: $60

Keep Going MC-Kun! by @Alex-PhantomGlitch

Yo Alex!! From the dynamic posing of Mc-Kun to the background elements, you’ve created such an empowering piece of artwork to inspire even those down on their luck as well! With how much Mc-Kun is portrayed as an unlucky one, we all felt overjoyed to see him still pressing on. 

7th Place: $45

I LOVE YOU LMNG by @Paulepz

Paule!! This is such a cozy piece depicting the gang (allegedly) celebrating Steve’s Birthday! The soft linework and the coloring really support the scene. We as a group had fun imagining this being its own anime series thanks to this piece!

8th Place: $40

Let Me LOVE YOU by @Devoidgazer!

Devoid!! What absolutely caught our eye is the galaxy behind Mc-Kun and Pico. We all commend you for how relaxing you made this piece in its simplicity. We can only assume whatever they’re talking about is something pleasant.

Runner Ups

Trash Taste by @Vockwell

I still stand by what I said before & i’ll say it again, this is one of the best ‘out of spite’ artworks that i’ve seen. If you ever want to depict the LMNG cast’s brutal demise, we all would love to see it!

Love Me Newgrounds for NEC-PC98 by @KokoroHatsaru

We loved seeing your old retro style in action here! The extra effort in showcasing animated Mc-Kun’s expression to Steve talking is much appreciated here!

LMNG 2 <3 by @Heylce

This image is one of the greatest compilations of MC-Kun’s possible failures (depending on the choices of the player). We love the layer of sillines put into this work as well!

Special thanks to everyone else who joined as well, your pieces were not overlooked either. We sincerely appreciated them too.

Check them all out through the #ExTREAMaganza tag!!

Our proof that we looked through everyone’s work will be posted in Gloom-Gorl’s YouTube Account! (Coming soon!!)

(Context: On 07/22, Gloom had livestreamed for the #ExSTREAMagazna, where we talked about some of the things we had to go through for LMNG2 & showcased all the work with most of The <3 J00 crew commenting on all the illustrations as well. The archive for that entire stream will be updated on this News Post as soon as we can).


Will there be another visual novel like the LMNG series again?

Who knows what the future holds?!

But both Team White Chocolate & The <3 J00 crew will be here, and while we will be doing our own thing- Making these games will always be a part of us, we appreciate those who support & love what we do.

We’ve always considered Love Me Newgrounds to be a niche little series to express the love we have for this independently run site. Thank you Newgrounds for allowing us to express our passion when it seems like the world is seemingly always out to destroy it.

Whether you love the LMNG series or dislike it, we’re very glad to hear it at least made you feel a certain emotion. Perhaps it has inspired you to go do better things as well!! 


Love You Newgrounds!!




Ayeee, congrats to all the winners of the contest, you all did a good job, glad to participate here too :D

Congrats to all the winners! We got so much super cool art omg-

Congrats everyone!

Really loved seeing all of your entries!

Congrats to all the winners!!!! :D

Wow! I Actually won something! Thanks so much to everyone on the team! It feels awesome to be part of the fun things here :D Newgrounds rules!!

oh myyyy i never thought this would happen aaaaaaaaaaaaAAA૮꒰ ˶> ༝ <˶꒱ა THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Im so happy to join this beautiful community with so many talented people! everyone deserved this so much and was so skilled that i never even dreamt of this outcome when i saw so many wonderful entrys! i´m glad you all liked my piece as much as i loved everyone else´s! thank you so so so SO muchhh i still cannot believe this˚⋆✩٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ✩

Hey! Thank you very much for everything!
It was a pleasure to participate, and be a part
of this site, with so many people who are passionate
about what they do, just like me.
congratulations to the winners, and to those who don't,
keep drawing, never stop.
see you soon!.

Congrats to the winners! And thabk you community for partaking! It was fun looking at all your wonderful art pieces! You are all winners in our eyes! You all deserve well in your endevours!

Congrats for the winners!
Postdata: Im a penguing

Congrats to all the winners! I like all art

Congrats to all the winners! Y'all did great <3

Congrats everyone!
I loved seeing all the submissions

Congrats to everyone, was a good run and had fun on the stream!
Hopefully one day can repeat this kind of thing again in future time.

Have a wonderful day folks.

Y'all are a big inspiration for creating projects full of fun vibes. When I think about making my own personal stuff, I look up to you guys. Thank you for everything omggg

On the topic of love, I do love how so many as skilled as our dear victors are willing to dedicate effort to projects like these games, the manner of which represents this site at its very core. Smile for the camera, winners; Newgrounds Loves You!