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2024 Newgrounds Meet-Up @ Anime Los Angeles - JANUARY 5TH!!!!

Posted by QueenBoo - November 24th, 2023

Happy New Year - 2024!!

Hope you’re all able to eat well, spend your money responsibly, and plan your resolutions.

So get ready for…


The Anime Los Angeles Newgrounds Meet-Up!!

Your hosts:

Mina - @Xeno-Cowboy (Cosplaying as Nono)


Vicky - @QueenBoo (Cosplaying as Gogo)


Art & characters belong to animator @Speedo respectfully.


All ages are welcome! 

While this is a con gathering, the space itself is off the grounds and doesn't require a pass, so don't be shy and swing by even if you're not attending the con! 


January 5th, 2024 - Friday - 5:00pm PST / Day 2 of Anime Los Angeles

@ the Long Beach Convention Center.

300 E Ocean Blvd,

Long Beach, CA 90802

Get your tickets here if you want to explore the convention before the meetup!! <3

If you want to attend the whole weekend, that’s up to you!

Please remember that January 5th [Friday] is the meetup day if you want to participate!

Location (gathering map pictured):


This will take place in gathering space 2, on the Rainbow Lagoon Lawn!

It's a short walk from the con center on the opposite side of the Hyatt Regency a bit past the swan boats.


A fun little get together to celebrate NG and its properties, especially if you're a cosplayer! 

Costumes are not a necessity and you absolutely don't need one to attend, but those of you who do cosplay- we’re expecting you to show up in your Sunday best!! <3

Those who plan on cosplaying, here’s some examples for inspiration!!



Alien Hominid

Among Us

Dead Estate

Pico’s School

Friday Night Funkin

Newgrounds Staff

Tom Fulp





Even if you cosplay canon characters that are apart from original characters, Newgrounds is infamous for parodies of everything AND anything (Example, White-Rice07109’s Super Smash Sisters & Speedoru’s Disgraced Attorney), so go right ahead and emulate your best!

It will slightly get darker to dark around 5:00, so if you’d like, add some lights to your cosplay!!

The plan we have set is to treat the first bit like a regular cosplay gathering (running through the series/characters that show up, ending on a group pic of all our lovely cosplayers), and then devolve into a more traditional NG meet!

Meetup Etiquette: 

  • Do remember this is going to be in a space designated by the con for gatherings.
  • Please be respectful of any possible ones that may occur directly before or after.
  • Try not to spill out on the path too much so other attendees can walk by!
  • It should be a given, but please be respectful amongst another.

@Xeno-Cowboy will update once the complete gathering list is available, but I really doubt there will be one after us, in which case we're free to loiter around after the gathering "officially" ends :]


As a special exclusive thank you for attending the meetup,

You could be receiving…


ALA is a ribbon badge con so @Xeno-Cowboy will have some ribbons to give out (& maybe some stickers as well).

We highly encourage anyone who wants to bring any goodies to give out to bring them!

If you’d like, bring your sketchbooks & markers too!! We can sign each other’s stuff like yearbooks!!

Confirmed to GO!!

[Direct message or comment if you’re coming for sure & i’ll put you on this list!]

@Blakenator9872 @Krampus @Magibauble @MayaLaCookie @TheJ-Pro @TheMarkimator @TheWierdGuy

Facebook Event

See you all there!! <3 & have a good one!!

Please do not be afraid to direct message me (@QueenBoo) for any questions.




So incredibly excited <3

why can't an NG event happened in midwest

Goddamnit i get back to LAX at 10pm that day POOP

MAN! This is too far for me. TT.TT Hope you guys have a fun time. Take lots of pics or vids!


wish could go

If I could have a passport and VISA, I could go there with my Pink Knight cosplay EEEEEEEE xd

damn, F

But I might be there... :(

If you can, let us know!!

Thank you for doing this. I don't know if I'll be able to make it because of work. I could just call out, but I'm also a poor ass wage slave. Regardless, I'm happy to finally see a NG meetup on the west coast. I feel like most of the big meetups have been on the other side of the country where the NG HQ is so I'm always feeling a bit bummed and left out. If there's any other NG people in the SoCal area who are down for more meetups, please lemme know. ;_;

Hmm, if you would like my two cents (but keep in mind, I can’t tell you what not or what not to do at the end of the day)— there’s not always going to be a Newgrounds meetup every year y’know?
For all you know this could be your only opportunity.
If you know for sure you’re able to go if it wasn’t for work, I’d personally call off or find someone to cover you so that you can totally have your day of fun. Either way, coming is up to you! I hope things turn out okay!

YES! I'll be able to go! Cali ain't too far, unlike the NJ meet up... but that meet up was still a blast :)

I wish I could go, I've only saved up enough for Magfest. Maybe next year.

Just found this, I'll totally be there!!!

@blakenator9872 hiiii discord was made if you'd like to join :3

@Magibauble hiiii a discord server was made if you'd like to join and stay in the loop! :3

Sounds great, have fun there!

I'll Hop on the C-Line to the A-Line when the time comes

Ooo, you planning on coming to the meetup? :)

Oh hey I didn't see this before. Neat.

im sad :(

Hope you all have so much fun!!

DANGITTTTTTTTTTTTT this is like 30-40 minutes away from my hometown but I'm too broke to fly out and visit LOL

if only this were a couple years earlier!!

I hope everyone attending has a ton of fun tho!!!!!!!!!!!

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